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Information Related to Hawaiʻi's November 6, 2018 State Constitutional Convention Referendum

1998 Cycle Media Coverage

Mass Media News

DePledge, Derrick, “ConCon Foes Backed Effort with Money,” Honolulu Advertiser, November 8, 1998.

Daysog, Rick, “Constitutional Convention,” Honolulu Advertiser, November 5, 1998.

Adamski, Mary, “Voters Soundly Reject the Need for a Con Con,” Honolulu Advertiser, November 4, 1998.

Christensen, Jean, “ConCon Was Low-Profile Issue in ’98 Campaign,” Honolulu Advertiser, November 1, 1998.

Yuen, Mike, “Poll: More Voters Would Rather Not Have Con Con,” Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 30, 1998, p. A3.

Christensen, Jean, “ConCon Support Slips in Poll, Convention Proposal Loses Ground Since 1996 Election,” Honolulu Advertiser, October 27, 1998.

Omandam, Pat, “OHA Trustees Defend Expenses to Oppose Con Con,” Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 27, 1998.

Yuen, Mike, “Civil Rights Panel Got Ethics Board OK to Take a Stand on 2 Ballot Measures,” Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 20, 1998, p. A4.

Vorsino, Mary, “ConCon Debate Targets Changes, Costs,” Honolulu Advertiser, October 15, 1998.

Yuen, Mike, “Advocacy Groups Say Con Con Needed, Decries ‘Fear campaign’,” Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 13, 1998, p. A5.

DePledge, Derrick, “Call for a Constitutional Convention,” Honolulu Advertiser, October 12, 1998.


Vote No

Lee, Anne Feder, “Voters Must Weigh Decision to Call ConCon,” Honolulu Advertiser, December 28, 1997.

Advocacy Organizations

League of Women Voters

LWV-Hawaii Position on Con Con, 1998.
Con Con Question, (Jean Aoki) Aloha Voter, September 1997.

Small Business Hawaii (SBH)
Sutton, Warner Kimo, Don’t Be Conned About Con-Con, Small Business Hawaii, September 1997.

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