Democratic & Republican Party Platforms


The Democratic Party Platform for 2018 opposed calling a state constitutional convention; the Republican Party Platform took no position.

Democratic Party Platform

At the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s annual state convention held between May 9 and May 18 , 2018, its Resolutions Committee rejected by a 4-9-1 vote the following resolution calling for support of a state constitutional convention. See Report of the 2018 Convention Resolutions Committee, May 19, 2018. The explanation for the no vote provided by the committee was: “The committee could not reach a consensus on the purpose of such a convention.  “Just because” did not seem to have relevance.”

Supporting a Hawaiʻi Constitutional Convention in 2018

Whereas, The most recent Hawaiʻi state constitutional convention was held in 1978, forty year ago; and

Whereas, The State of Hawaiʻi has changed dramatically in the last forty years; and

Whereas, A state constitutional convention would give power to the people to directly propose changes to the state constitution; and

Whereas, The Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi believes in importance of democracy and in the rule of the people; and

Whereas, Any proposed changes would have to be ratified by people of Hawaiʻi in a direct vote, providing a strong safeguard against attempts to change the Hawaiʻi state constitution in ways that would be detrimental to the public; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi supports holding a Constitutional Convention and urges its members to vote yes on authorizing a Constitutional Convention; and be it further

Ordered, That copies of this resolution be transmitted to members of the Democratic Party who hold elected state political offices.

Republican Party Platform

The Republican Party platform published after the Republican Party of Hawaii’s annual state convention held between May 4 and May 6, 2018 didn’t mention the state constitutional convention issue.



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